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Alvi Armani Training
Alvi Armani Vitruvian Design Method: Hair Line, Normal Density, and Temple Angle Design

This flagship training course offers complete training in Dr. Armani's award winning techniques. For five days, attendants will receive training and hands on practice in Alvi Armani's Vitruvian Model and FUE technique. The course will take place at an AlviArmani clinic allowing participants complete observation of all clinical operations. This will give any medical practitioner an unprecedented amount of training in our signature techniques. Graduates will gain the knowledge and practical training necessary to distinguish their clinics and provide their clients with the same award winning results as Dr. Armani himself.

Course Outline:

Alvi Armani FUE Technique:

  • Technology Innovations
  • Graft Care
  • Graft Insertion
  • Practical Training

Alvi Armani Vitruvian Model

  • Historical Background
  • Incision Making
  • Aesthetics: hair line design, temple angle, graft angle, and natural density workshops
  • Practical Training

Clinic Observation

  • Alvi Armani Vitruvian Model and FUE in action
  • Pre and post operation pharmaceutical treatment
  • Post operation care
  • Sterilization techniques
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Record keeping
  • Customer care

NOTE: Alvi Armani training courses are offered only to Alvi Armani Licensees under the Licensing program

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