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About Us
About Us

Award-winning physician Dr. Antonio Armani founded Alvi Armani in 1999. Since its inception, the global-based firm specializing in hair transplants has expanded to include offices within major metropolitan centers including Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East; with clinics located in Beverly Hills, Dubai, and Toronto.

The company continues to offer the latest scientific advancements through its own dedicated research in the hair loss field. Our corporate portfolio includes a natural Italian hair and skin product line called Origenere™. It is the latest addition towards our commitment in continuing innovation in the cosmetics field.

Over the years, Alvi Armani has developed an internationally acclaimed reputation in the field of hair restoration under the guidance of founder, medical director and award-winning hair transplant surgeon Dr. Antonio Armani.

Today, as a leader in the hair transplant industry - pioneering scientific research, developing scientifically engineered hair loss products, and training surgeons in the advanced Vitruvian Design Method -
Dr. Antonio Armani is offering medical professionals the opportunity to receive extensive Hair Transplantation training and/or to open their own clinic under the Alvi Armani clinics licensing arrangement.

Our programs are geared towards experienced hair transplant doctors or new comers to the field. Furthermore we aim at servicing business people who would like to set up a top-of-the-line hair restoration facility in their location of choice.

Doctors can learn the latest Alvi Armani methods of hair transplantation that have put our company on the map. With the expertise received through our training in the Alvi Armani Vitruvian Design, our unique FUE Method and Mini-FUE sessions doctors can implement these new skills into their new or existing hair restoration practices. New doctors can begin their practices with the experience and skill necessary to offer the highest quality in enduring, natural hair transplants right from the start. Experienced hair restoration physicians can upgrade their skills to a new level of service and results gaining a larger number of satisfied clients. Trained physicians may also join the Alvi Armani licensing program, which will allow them to be part of our internationally recognized brand with significant number of benefits.

For business investors we offer consulting services to set up their own hair restoration centers at any location world wide. From staff selection to clinic set up, Alvi Armani will support entrepreneurs in launching their own Alvi Armani Hair Transplantation clinic.

You can also discover the advantages of selling the exclusive Origenere™ Hair and Skin Care product line developed by Dr. Armani at your practice and while benefiting your hair loss patients.

Learn more about the extensive training we provide, and the licensing opportunities available to qualified hair transplant doctors and business investors.

When you are ready to take the next step, contact us for more information on your future with Alvi Armani.

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